What STORY Does Your Greek Life Website Tell?

February 20, 2017By Matt MattsonFraternity/Sorority Insights

by Matt Mattson Do me a favor. Before you read any further, go to your campus community’s Fraternity/Sorority Website homepage. Try to look at it like a curious 17-year-old incoming student. Just look it over objectively. WHAT STORY DOES IT TELL YOU ABOUT YOUR FRATERNITY/SORORITY COMMUNITY? Is it compelling? Enchanting? Accurate? Up to date? Emotionally … Read More

What Is a PR Chair Supposed To Do?

February 13, 2017By Matt MattsonMarketing Tips

by Matt Mattson We recently published a report that showed one painfully glaring reality. There are 12,000 fraternity/sorority PR chairs around North America serving chapters and councils this year, and most of them have never been trained how to do their job! We’re hoping to fix that. Let’s start with a job description. Tell a … Read More

Are You Using Canva for Simple Greek Life Marketing Design?

February 13, 2017By Matt MattsonMarketing Tips

Most fraternity/sorority “PR Chairs” are not graphic designers. And even if you are, you’re probably not done with your degree. Meanwhile, your members demand really sophisticated images for social media and for promotional materials. Enter Canva. www.canva.com Many fraternity/sorority members are already aware of this tool. If you’re not, it’s like graphic design software for … Read More

Seeking Marketing Interns

February 10, 2017By Matt MattsonInnova News & Info, Job Openings

CONTACT: Matt@InnovaGreek.com Innova Marketing, Inc. — the only marketing company in the world 100% dedicated to helping fraternities and sororities grow — is seeking at least one, and possibly multiple college students to serve as interns. The ideal candidate for this opportunity is seeking practical experience as a marketer and has a passion for fraternity/sorority … Read More

“PR Chair” Research Report – Our Fraternity/Sorority Reputation Lies in Untrained Hands

February 1, 2017By Matt MattsonUncategorized

DOWNLOAD THE FULL REPORT HERE Innova is excited to present the first ever research results from a survey of fraternity/sorority “PR Chairs” (or like positions). Download the full report to learn what we uncovered surveying these student leaders — who are charged with upholding our industry’s reputation and image. Here is an excerpt: “Consider this… … Read More